Client Cover specialise in Medical Negligence ATE insurance.

Our MedicATE policies offer cover for medical expert (liability) reports with a separate client policy for other client risks such as Part 36, court fees and expert attendance at trial. Our client policy premium is based on a simple percentage of damages giving solicitors and their clients certainty and peace of mind. 

About Client Cover

We specialise in insuring cases at an early stage (pre-letter of claim) based on our review of medical records. You do not need to have expert reports to apply for cover as we have our own medical and legal team who will assess the case and decide whether cover can be offered. You do not need to paginate records just send us a copy of the records as they came in to you.

If cover can be offered then solicitor firms will receive a detailed quotation outlining the premiums, the medical negligence issues to be insured, details of how to accept the quotation and the time limit for doing so.

Unfortunately, we do not offer delegated authority as our expert team assesses each individual case for cover.

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