Client Cover launched our first medical negligence ATE product in early 2009. 0ur legally and medically qualified team have assessed thousands of sets of medical records for insurance cover. Our team includes a medically qualified solicitor who is co-editor of the title “Clinical Negligence” (5th edition), a GP, a nurse and medically qualified Consultants. Our medical agency has a large network of independent medical experts who can provide expert evidence on cases which are insured by our underwriters.

Why choose Client Cover?

  • Free raw lead screening to help you decide whether to get medical records
  • Fast ATE cover decision inside 10 days from receipt of application and medical records
  • No need to paginate records or get Counsel's advice
  • End of case report funding for reports obtained from our preferred medical agency
  • Pre-issue client premiums starting at just £25 plus IPT

What do policies cost?

As a non-binding indication if a case settles pre-issue for just over the small claims limit at £1,001 the client premium would be £25 plus IPT. The premium for liability reports, currently recoverable from the defendant, would be £3,000 plus IPT. If a case settles pre-issue for £10,000 client premium would be £250 plus IPT (post issue £1,000 plus IPT) and the recoverable premium would again be £3,000 plus IPT.

Do you fund the cost of reports?

Yes. Our preferred medical agency to which we have exclusive access will fund reports obtained from it until the end of the case. Our medical agency can also provide medically qualified solicitor resources to work on cases on a no win, no fee basis so you can have an overnight Medical Negligence Team with no initial financial outlay or monthly salaries to pay. For more information please click here​​​​​​​.

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